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You have been sharing feedback on the C30 with us and we are excited about the experience it is delivering.

We realise that there are some minor issues you have faced and have shared with us. Rest assured, we are working to fix these issues. We have compiled a list of the most common ones for everyone's benefit.


1) Indication of Battery Charge percentage.

While the battery charging behaves as expected, the visual indicators (LEDs) and the audio prompts are not signalling the battery voltage correctly. As a result, even though the device is fully charged, the LEDs and the audio prompts will show a battery percentage between 80 and 90%.


2) One side audio not coming when C30 connects to SMH10

This has been fixed in the upcoming release.


Some of you have raised other issues specific to your phone/device combo, and we are still looking at those issues. We will update as we have more info


We will be releasing a firmware build on 30th Nov. to address the issues. It will also be a great opportunity to try out our "Over The Air Firmware Update" feature. There is also a surprise planned for you guys as part of the month-end firmware update. More to follow soon 😊


Feel free to get in touch with us at 96067 13004