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Frequently asked questions on BLU3 E20

1. My BLU3 E20 turns off after 2 minutes

BLU3 E20 was originally designed to turn off after 2 minutes if it is not connected to a phone over bluetooth. 

Android App (from ver 0.1.17): Auto-Sleep Timeout Settings allows you to adjust the sleep time-out from 2 minutes (default) to 4 hours.

This option is not available on iOS yet - expected to be available May 2020

2. When I press the pause button (or single-tap the click surface to pause music), the music pauses immediately but it takes 5 seconds for the indicator to change on the app dashboard

This is an artefact of the communication protocol that we unfortunately need to live with at this time. While the media player pauses music instantly, it takes 5 seconds before the protocol actually tells the firmware that music has been paused. Since we support a number of different states in our system, we wanted to stay within the guidelines of the protocol - as a result, you will need to wait 5 seconds before initiating any other action. We are looking to see if any (reliable) fix is possible for this.

3. Even when I fully charge BLU3 E20, the battery is showing only 92%

This has been fixed in Rev 1.0.2 of the firmware. Please check that you are running the latest version of the firmware on your BLU3 E20.

If you find that your battery is discharging fast even in standby, please recheck the firmware version. Battery management was addressed in a significant way in Rev 1.0.2

4. I am having trouble getting the app to run

BLU3 E20 uses both BT Classic (what you have in a conventional headset) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). On iPhones, the BT Classic connection needs to be done through your phone's settings. Please ensure this is done before attempting to initiate the connection (for BLE) through the app.

If you are using two phones and have BLU3 E20 paired with both of them, please turn off Bluetooth on the phone you are NOT connecting with to avoid confusion. 

5. How do I control the fan when connected to my phone through Bluetooth?

You can do this in two ways

a) You can choose to let the app manage your fan speed through Dynamic Fan Control. In this mode, BLU3 E20 will automatically adjust your fan speed based on your riding speed. It will run the fan at Beast Mode when you are stationary or in crawling traffic and shut the fan off when you are riding at high speeds.

b) You can use your phone's voice assistant to control the BLU3 E20. On iPhones, you would do this through the Siri Shortcut - Siri Shortcuts allow you to customize the voice instruction for specific commands.

On Android devices, invoke the Google Assistant (you would need to long-press the click-surface to invoke the phone's voice assistant) and say "Talk to BluArmor Help". After hearing the cue from the voice assistant, you can say "Set fan speed to" <desired_setting> (Regular/Turbo/Beast).

6. What is the battery run time with BLU3 E20?

If you run the fan in beast mode uninterrupted, the battery will come for 3 hours (this run time is not impacted much by music streaming)

If you run the fan in turbo mode uninterrupted, the battery will come for 5 hours and 45 minutes (this run time is not impacted much by music streaming)

If you run the fan in regular mode, the battery run time will be more than 10 hours

7. How much water does the cartridge hold and what is the run time?

The cartridge can hold 66-68ml of water. This is a 50% increase in capacity over BluSnap2 (BluSnap2 could hold 42-44ml of water). The run time will be dependent on the ambient temperature, the average speed at which you ride, whether you use the fan in dynamic or manual mode, the relative humidity and the time of the day.

Solar radiation plays a big role in the rate of water evaporation, and hence there is a dependence on the time of the day. 

a) 32 degC, dry weather, sunny afternoon (1-3PM when the sun is beating down directly on you) - if you are riding at 80kmph, we expect the cooling to last for about 50-55kms

b) 37 degC, dry weather, sunny afternoon (1-3PM when the sun is beating down directly on you) - 1h15m in traffic

c) 45 degC, dry weather, sunny afternoon (1-3PM when the sun is beating down directly on you) - 45-50m in traffic

The run time will be higher in humid weather. The run time will also be higher in the mornings/evenings when the sun is not beating down directly on you.

If you are not getting sufficient run-time, please check if the cartridge is fully saturated when you wet it. If you are the super-scientific type, you can check the weight of the cartridge before and after wetting it - the difference should be 66gms.

8. Can I change the name of my BLU3 E20 device?

You cannot change it at this time, but we are working on it and will release a patch in the near future

9. Is the click-surface glued to the unit? Should I take any precautions with it?

We haven't glued the click-surface to the unit because we wanted to give you the freedom to customize it (you can switch to a different click-surface as we keep offering different options over time). If you tinker with the click-surface, please make sure that you push it firmly back in place. The last thing you want is the click-surface falling off while riding. 

10. How important is the modular extender? I seem to be able to attach my BLU3 E20 to my helmet without the modular extender.

The modular extender is an optional part that is required for some helmets - off road helmets, helmets with some padding in front, for example. If you fit the BLU3 E20 without the modular extender, please take a look at the side view of the helmet (with the BLU3 E20 in place), and ascertain that you are NOT wedging in the helmet to a point where it is placing a lot of stress on the vent.

The vent is made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) - a material that will tear rather than snap. If the stress is high, the vent will start to rip at the place where it locks into the clasp (the place where you slide the vent in). 

If there is stress being applied on the vent, please insert the modular extender as shown in the manual.

11. What is the warranty on all BluArmor products?

BluArmor products come with a 6 month warranty from the time of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and faulty electronics (battery, PCB or fan). If you have a problem with your unit, please reach out to support@thebluarmor.com