Colored Chinmounts

Add a splash of color to your helmets with our colored chinmounts

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BLU3 E20

World’s 1st two-wheeler accessory to integrate cooling, dust-free, defogging and assisted infotainment


BLU3 E20 xBhp Edition

Specially made for all xBhp fans

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BLU3 A10

3rd generation of our wearable cooling tech - a beast cooler for the hottest of summer days

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2nd generation of our wearable cooling tech - a cooler for your everyday commute

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BLU3 E20

Get car-like comfort on your two-wheeler with a host of features - cooling with automatic control, protection from dust, defogging, music, phone calls, navigation, WhatsApp messages, and location-triggered voice notes.

BLU3 A10

The latest cooling tech from BluArmor that offers the ultimate cooling comfort for the hottest of summer days. 3 fan speeds (Regular, Turbo, and Beast) that let you optimize your riding comfort.


The super-affordable cooler for your everyday commute. A steady stream of cool air makes riding in traffic a breeze. Arrive fresh with this 2nd generation cooler/dust-blocker from BluArmor.

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An innovation-award winner at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES),

BLU3 E20 is a made-in-India product that combines BluArmor's revolutionary cooling tech with state-of-the-art connectivity technology to bring never-before-seen features to the two-wheeler rider's universe.

Winding roads, Unwinding life

Experience comfort on the go with BLU3 E20, the world's first two-wheeler accessory that integrates physiological comfort.

Helmet AC

BluArmor Helmet cooler covered by History channel in OMG Yeh Mera India show.


Life saver in Bangalore traffic, its visor down comfort! 

So many features packed into this product plus an app! Brilliant value for money.

The experience has been a breeze. I reach fresh, calm and much happier than ever before. It’s a very stylish product.

It’s worth every penny! A must have for all riders! Multiple benefits from one product. 

I love this product, fantastic battery life, It’s a must have for riders in these days of dust and pollution on the road. 

Add cold water to the filter and enjoy cool breeze this summer. For the value we get from this product, the price is nothing.