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Don Mathew

"Life saver in Bangalore traffic, its visor down comfort! So many features packed into this product plus an app! Brilliant value for money"

Kiran Kumar

"The experience has been a breeze. I reach fresh, calm and much happier than ever before. It’s a very stylish product."

Syed Saleem

"I love this product, fantastic battery life, It’s a must have for riders in these days of dust and pollution on the road. Add cold water to the filter and enjoy cool breeze this summer. For the value we get from this product, the price is nothing."

Dr. Ahmed Faraaz

"Apart from the incredible cooling that I enjoy, the audio quality over calls is also fantastic. It’s funny, I’ve actually started enjoying traffic jams!!!"


“Very impressed with the cooling effectiveness, the audio quality and the range of features on the E20. Great value for money!!”

Sanket M

“I have been enjoying the audio quality and the cooling for the last 2 months. I have no discomfort from dust and heat anymore. I arrive fresh to all my client meetings. Just connectivity is worth the money, with the added unique cooling feature, this is great value for money”

Experts say

Victoria Walsh

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