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BLU3 E20_App_Music Controls

This video walks you the steps of using the click surface of BLU3 E20 to control your music

BLU3 E20_App_Phone Calls

This video describes how to accept or reject calls with the click surface. The phone call

BLU3 E20_App_ Navigation

Using the navigation feature of Google Maps manually and by invoking it through the Google. Assistant via the click surface of the BLU3 E20 is explained here

BLU3 E20_App_Dynamic Settings

The video describes how to set the Dynamic Fan and Voice Controls.

BLU3 E20_App_WhatsApp Settings

This video walks us through the settings to have the WhatsApp messages read out, to automatically respond to WhatsApp messages or share the location through WhatsApp

BLU3 E20_App_Voice Assist

Here we can see how to invoke the BluArmor help through the Google Assistant