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Temperature-control, clean air, defogging, assisted infotainment through connectivity have all become common-place for cars. Two-wheeler riders haven’t been as fortunate. 

In some ways, this is easy to comprehend - a four-wheeler purchase is followed by accessorization for the vehicle while a two-wheeler purchase is followed by accessorization both for the vehicle and the rider. It is up to the rider to negotiate his/her way through the maze of personal accessories (jackets, gloves, shows, helmets, infotainment systems) and decide the level of riding comfort. This distinction in accessorization for four and two wheelers is also a reason why infotainment systems (CarPlay and the like) have received far more attention for four wheelers. 

BluArmor's vision is to address this gap by bringing car-like comfort to two-wheeler riders. BLU3 E20, BluArmor's latest flag-ship product, is the first two-wheeler accessory in the world to integrate physiological comfort (cooling, dust-free air, defogging) with psychological comfort (assisted infotainment through Bluetooth connectivity).

BLU3 E20 Pillars of Comfort

Even as a stand-alone connectivity accessory, BLU3 E20 has a number of world's first to its credit. It is the first two-wheeler accessory in the world to offer simultaneous support for Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) through its proprietary TWOFLO tech. The BLE-based data link ensures a continuous sync between the phone and E20 and unlocks a number of services for the rider. Most of these features are completely new to the rider universe.


A quick table summarizing the feature differences between existing bluetooth headsets (for two-wheelers) and E20 is captured below

BLU3 E20 Comparison Table

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