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Thank you for purchasing BluSnap and becoming a part of the growing BluArmor tribe! This page has everything you need to know about how to install, use and maintain your BluSnap.

Please read through the safety instructions and warranty information carefully before proceeding with the installation.

Getting to know your BluSnap

The different constituents of BluSnap are shown and labelled in the below figure. BluSnap consists of detachable/replaceable parts (filter cartridge, front grill, strap) and fixed parts (battery and electronics assembly) 
0: ON/OFF Switch
1: BluSnap's Top Cover
2: Strap
3: Water Inlet
4: Filter Cartridge
5: Charge Indicator
6: MicroUSB Port for Charging
7: Front Grill
8: Vents for cool air to flow
9: Water-reservoir lock

Charging your BluSnap

The re-chargeable battery in your BluSnap comes with very little initial charge for shipping-safety reasons. Before you use BluSnap for an extended period of time, please charge the device. The figure below illustrates how you charge your BluSnap. As shown, lift the right flap of the top-cover (the side of the power button) to reveal the microUSB port/connector and the LED indicators. In a manner similar to charging a battery bank or a mobile phone, connect a power source to BluSnap through this microUSB port. The LEDs will glow to indicate the amount of charge available. BluSnap uses a 2500mAh battery, and the charging time to go from empty to full charge could be 5-6 hours (similar to basic power banks). All 4 LEDs will glow once BluSnap is fully charged, and you can expect ~ 10 hours of riding on a full charge.

You will not be able to power BluSnap while it is charging. If you are going on a long ride, make sure that BluSnap is fully charged and ready to go!

Turning your BluSnap ON/OFF

BluSnap's ON/OFF switch is visible on the top cover. Push it to turn ON; push it again to turn OFF. As easy as that!

Filling Water

BluSnap is a miniaturized air cooler. It works by flowing air through a moistened filter; the evaporation of water from this moistened filter causes the temperature of the air to decrease giving you cool air flow.

The two key pieces you should familiarize yourself with before you fill water are the water inlet and the water-reservoir lock. The water reservoir itself is not visible outside, and is located at the base of BluSnap's main body. The water-reservoir lock is a locking mechanism that connects the water reservoir to the cooling filter. Leave it closed, and the water stays in the reservoir. Leave it open, and the water makes it to the filter.

RECOMMENDED: Please keep the water-reservoir lock closed when BluSnap is not in active use (Active use is when you are wearing the helmet and riding/ready to start riding). Water spillage is possible/likely if the water-reservoir lock is open and BluSnap is held in a partial/fully inverted position.

The open and close positions for the water-reservoir lock are shown in the below figure.

The water inlet (as the name implies) is the inlet through which you will fill the reservoir. To locate the water inlet, please lift the left-side flap of the top cover (shown in the figure below). BluSnap has a narrow pipe to its water reservoir. It is advised to use a small glass/tumbler/bottle while pouring water into BluSnap. With the water-reservoir lock closed, BluSnap's reservoir will hold ~60ml of water. If you want to play it very safe w.r.t. water spillage, please stick to filling the reservoir with the reservoir-lock closed, and open the lock only when you are about to start riding.

SUGGESTION: If you want to maximize the cooling time between refills, you can adopt a multi-step process to filling the reservoir.

Step 1: With the water-reservoir lock closed, fill water in the reservoir

Step 2: Pull the filter cartridge out of the unit and wet it completely by pouring water on it.

Step 3: Ride for some time (~15 minutes) before opening the water-reservoir lock as the cooling filter will be wet to start with because of Step 2

The current version of BluSnap does not have a water-level indicator. This is planned for subsequent generations

SUGGESTION: If you are riding on the highway at speeds greater than 50kmph, you can turn the fan OFF to maximize the cooling time between water refills. Your being on the move ensures enough air flow into your BluSnap, and you can conserve the battery for the time when you enter a city/town.

RECOMMENDED: Please use drinking water for your BluSnap to avoid calcification and extend the life of your cooling filter.

A short tutorial on filling water into BluSnap is shown below

Attaching BluSnap to your Helmet

The figure below shows how BluSnap attaches to your helmet. Insert the helmet's jaw between the back wall of BluSnap's main body and the two air vents, and then pull the strap around the back of the helmet. Let the strap go as close to the visor and as high as possible at the back of the helmet giving the strap the maximum stretch you can achieve - this improves the hold that the strap has on the main body. The strap is lined with anti-skid silicone that maintains adhesion to the helmet.

With some helmets, the jaw can be very thin and extra adhesion might be needed between BluSnap and the helmet. For this purpose, we have provided a velcro flap as part of the strap. The mating velcro unit is part of your package. Should you need it, please attach the velcro units to your helmet (do check the alignment with the strap before you attach the velcro). An example is shown in the figure below. 

A short tutorial explaining how you can use the velcro strips that come with your BluSnap package to improve the adhesion between your helmet and BluSnap is embedded below.

Cleaning/Replacing the Cooling Filter Cartridge

Your cooling filter is housed in a cartridge. It doubles up as a dust stopper, and needs to be periodically cleaned. The period will depend on how often you ride, and the level of dust on the roads you frequent - check your filter every two weeks and clean as you see fit. To remove the filter cartridge, remove the top cover and pull out the filter (the figure illustrates where you should hold and pull).

To clean the filter, place it under running tap water and use a toothbrush to wash off the dust. The filter will need to be replaced periodically - either every 5000 kilometres or every 6 months, whichever happens sooner. Replacement filters are available on our website.

CAUTION: If the cooling filter is not cleaned periodically, its life-time will reduce.

Cleaning the Grill/Coarse Filter

BluSnap's grill integrates a coarse filter to block large dust particles, insects, etc. This coarse-filter should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. To pull out the grill, simply remove the top cover and slide out the grill (as shown in the figure)

The coarse filter can be cleaned/dusted using a toothbrush.

Strap Options - Swapping them in/out

BluSnap comes with multiple strap options and you can easily swap them in/out. The strap slides in/out through the strap-guides on the main body as shown in the figure. Replacement straps are available on our website.