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VEGA Auto announces partnership with AptEner Mechatronics

VEGA Auto announces partnership with AptEner Mechatronics

Vega Auto, India’s leading helmet manufacturer today announced a partnership with Bangalore-based AptEner Mechatronics, an early-stage start-up that is developing the BluArmor range of motorcycle gear.

Vega Auto is ramping its capacity at a fast clip and is poised to become one of the world’s largest helmet manufacturers with a production capacity of 20,000 helmets a day when its new plant in Belgaum comes online in 2020.

BluArmor’s vision is to create the same level of comfort for two-wheeler riders as their four-wheeled counterparts and is achieving it using key pieces of intellectual property in the personalized cooling and connectivity segments. BluArmor’s cooling technology results in 6 to 15 degrees of temperature reduction relative to ambient conditions and achieves >20W of cooling capacity while consuming <1W of electrical energy. The first product in the BluArmor range is BluSnap, a detachable cooler that can be retro-fitted to existing full-face helmets. The product opens for pre-orders online on the 19 th of January with deliveries set to commence from the middle of March.

As part of this partnership, Vega Auto will help take BluSnap to market through its extensive dealer network. Vega and the BluArmor team are also working on a next-generation helmet that integrates the BluArmor technology into the Axor line of helmets – the product is expected to hit the shelves later this year.

Commenting on this development, Dilip Chandak, Managing Director of Vega, said that “We are excited about blending our leadership and excellence in manufacturing and distribution with BluArmor’s powerful technology for cooling and connectivity. We foresee a number of cutting-edge products in the horizon that will significantly enhance customer safety through better comfort”.

This thought was echoed by Sundararajan Krishnan (PK), CEO of AptEner Mechatronics, who said that “Vega is a proven market leader, and with their expertise and experience on board, we have taken a significant step towards achieving our vision of dramatically improving the comfort for two-wheeler riders”.

More information on BluArmor is available at http://www.bluarmorhelmets.com