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Meet BluSnap - Air Conditioning For Your Face

Meet BluSnap - Air Conditioning For Your Face

Indian company launches new affordable evaporative cooling systems for full-face helmets.

India’s BluArmor – a subsidiary of the awesomely-named motorcycle gear company AptEner Mechatronics – is currently launching the clever BluSnap helmet cooling system. BluSnap is a battery-operated air-cooler that attaches a rider’s  full-face helmet and cools the interior through evaporative cooling.

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BluSnap costs around US $25, and consists of a water tank and fan that blows cool air through a replaceable anti-bacterial filter. The whole system runs off a rechargeable battery that has a claimed 10-hour battery life. It is worn around the mouth-vents on the front of a full-face helmet, and is held to said helmet via a goggle-style strap. A small tube runs into the helmet under the chin to deliver cool, particulate-free air to the rider. BluSnap reportedly fits any full-face helmet and can be turned on and off at the switch of a button.

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Though the BluSnap is admittedly sorta goofy looking, it reportedly cools a rider’s face and head by 6-15 degrees, which is nothing to sneeze at in hot and/or humid environments. The major downside that I see is that the water tank apparently holds two liters of water, which is like strapping a full bottle of sodapop to your face. I assume this is a conversion error, since the photos show what appears to be a much smaller water tank that reportedly requires refilling after every two-hours of use.

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In the event of an accident the device is designed to snap off and allow the helmet to do its job, hence the product’s name. Though the actual device itself only comes in black, BluArmor offers five different strap options with various colors and designs. I checked, and it appears these are indeed shipping to North America for a surprisingly reasonable shipping fee.

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You can learn more on the BluArmor website, or to place an order you can pre-order here. If these prove to be popular, I wouldn't be surprised to see another company make a more high-spec version.