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Why pre-order?

  • Ensures that BluSnap will keep you cool starting March 15 – beat the heat and the line this summer! Be a trendsetter!
  • An early-bird benefit of ₹400, and purchase BluSnap at an exclusive price of ₹1899 (incl. all taxes)
  • As an additional token of our appreciation, we will ship your product free of charge
  • You become an early champion of a truly innovative, built-in-India initiative and help us bring the benefits of BluArmor’s cooling technology to the larger riding community.
  • Make riding cool again!

What’s the current product status?

  • Stress-testing of the product is complete
  • Manufacturing of the final moulds are well underway
  • Suppliers for all the components have been identified, and where the lead-time is significant, procurement orders have already been placed for the pre-order volume

What happens between now and March 15, and where does all this come together?

  • Once the moulds are manufactured, we will run early-production trials to check integration of the parts, and make any tweaks necessary for perfect fitment (standard manufacturing process)
  • The components (electronic and cooling related) will be integrated in parallel followed by production QA tests
  • The complete integration of the product will happen in early March and the finished product will then be shipped out to you after a final round of QA
  • We expect to commence deliveries from starting March 15
  • All of this from manufacturing to assembly to QA to shipping happens out of Bangalore, India


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