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Riders on RIDEGRID

Our Mission


Building India's largest connected riding community.


Riders on RIDEGRID

One of the stars behind C30’s magic is our RIDEGRIDTM Mesh Technology. RIDEGRIDTM is the latest frontier in intercom technology, and our mission is to connect every rider in India over RIDEGRIDTM.

We want to partner with riding groups like yours to make this happen.

Welcome to Riders on RIDEGRIDTM (ROR)!


How does participating in ROR benefit your group?

1) Connect more riders via the latest frontier in intercom technology

2) Enjoy connectivity and Bonding on Rides.

3) Have riders on a common platform.

4) Attractive discounts for Group members to purchase the C30


How does it benefit the riding community?

1) Have more riders on a common platform

2) Ability to connect to riders across the country and across groups

3) Partner and contribute to making RIDEGRIDTM robust


How does it benefit BluArmor?

1) More riders testing the network across geographies and terrain

2) Constant feedback drives continuous improvement to RIDEGRIDTM


Sounds Interesting? Would you like to participate? Read on ...

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg

How does it work ?

  1. Ask your team members to fill up the form https://bit.ly/C30ROR by the date specified. Once done, we will create the coupon code and date for the sale.  
  2. The coupon code & date of sale will be communicated to the Admins and the group members. The discount for sale will be based on the number of people signing up. More the signups, the higher the discount.
  3. The team members can make a discounted purchase on the Sale Day.
  4. Top groups that bring on the highest number of RIDERS ON RIDEGRIDTM will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  5. Exciting additional offers for large groups (will be revealed as we go along this treasure hunt together).


What are you waiting for? Spread the word and take part.

Note :Dealers/Affiliates - The RoR program is for riding clubs to participate. We will need your support in the time to come and will reach out to you when we are ready to offer C30 through channel partners.