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BluSnap has received a lot of interest from media, auto journals & the motorcycle community. Here are some of the latest articles and news. We keep adding to this list, so do take a look every now and then. 

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So I've tried the @bluarmorhelmets Helmet AC for almost a week now. Here's my take on this innovation 

How does it work?

These guys have truly managed to simplify the entire thing.
You just need to pour chilled water on the left side of the unit and press the power button on top right. There's a small fan inside the unit that starts rotating when switched on. The cold air is then released from 2 nozzles which go inside the helmet. >click to view<



All ye riders and motorcyclists, lend me your ears!

Summer is here and by the likes of it, it’s gearing up to be a scorchingly unbearable one. So what I’m gonna do is slap-on my ventilated riding gear – Mesh Jackets, Mesh Pants and Mesh Summer Gloves and my BluSnap to beat this heat and hit the road.   >click to view<


Here are reviews about BluSnap by bloggers. We'll keep adding to this page. If you are interested in sharing your experience or want to test BluSnap, pls get in touch with us. 


Here's an honest review by Rahul Devnath on TeamBHP  >click to view<