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Can you tell me more about the technology?

BluArmor’s cooling technology mimics the human body’s approach to heat removal by using water, but with a twist – it cools a confined space, and continuously flows enough air in that space at temperatures below the skin temperature to accelerate heat removal. Think about it this way – if I had a fan next to me blowing air at temperatures lower than my skin temperature, wouldn’t I be at peace with the weather? The worst-case scenario for any water-based cooling solution is a hot and humid place where the air already holds a lot of moisture. Hence we ran a lot of our field trials in Chennai over the past summer and validated the technology through rider feedback and cooling measurements. We achieved 8-8.5 degrees of cooling when the ambient temperature was 38 deg C - keep in mind that the skin temperature is typically between 33-36 deg C. With BluArmor, water does most of the work in heat removal, and the electrical energy consumed is low. We are able to achieve cooling capacities of >20W while consuming ~0.8W of electrical energy allowing our cooler to operate from a rechargeable cell phone battery making it ultra-portable.

BluArmor only cools a portion of the body. Will it not create a temperature imbalance in the body?

Won’t fungi develop if there is water in the cooler when it is not in use?

How will I know when to refill the water? Is there an indicator?

Is it only for helmets?