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BluCircle is our affiliate program that allows our partners and champions an opportunity to closely interact with the BluArmor team. As part of BluCircle, you will be invited to

  1. Beta test our products with the opportunity to play an active role in shaping its features
  2. Pre-launches and product-unveiling sessions for our upcoming products
  3. Become an affiliate for us, and earn rewards through the BluCircle Referral Program

Becoming a BluCircle Member

To become a BluCircle Member, you need to order BluSnap, and refer at least 10 other customers. As you complete your order, you will receive a referral code that your friends/family/colleagues can use to order BluSnap.

What’s the deal with the referral code?

If an order is placed using your referral code, the buyer gets a discount of Rs 50/- on the order price of Rs 2299/-.

What happens once I become an affiliate?

You become an affiliate once you successfully convert ten referrals (conversion to order) with your referral code. You enter the BluCircle program with a reward of Rs. 2500/- for successfully qualifying. At this juncture, you will receive a unique link that you can attach to your blogs/posts/pictures/what have you. If any customer uses this link to order (we remember if the customer’s first click to our order page was from your link for a period of 30 days), you will be rewarded with an affiliate commission of Rs. 250 per BluSnap.

You will also be invited to participate in beta testing of our next set of products helping us get valuable early-customer feedback, and allowing you the opportunity to convince our team about a feature you desire/think is important for the riding community.

We will likely have some rules for what it takes to stay in the BluCircle program, and we will figure that out as we go along (we are a dynamic start-up and to use a clichéd phrase, with the BluCircle program, we are trying to fly the airplane while building it J).