BLU3 A10

BLU3 A10

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Shipping of Launch Orders will start by Nov.30. As we are ramping up production based on order volume, we expect to service all launch orders between Nov.30 and Dec. 13.

Note: All the orders placed during the sale will be shipped in  7-10 days.

Technical Specifications:

  • Up to 15°C lower than ambient depending on conditions
  • Quick defogger
  • 3 fan speeds - Regular, Turbo and Beast with 2X speed of BluSnap2 in the beast mode
  • Integrates air deflector for tuning direction of air flow
  • Proprietary split-wing design for chin-mount to improve fitment across helmet shapes. Chin-mount attaches to helmet using a 3M VHB tape.
  • Lock mechanism to detach/attach cartridge
  • Integrates anti-bacterial cooler-filter that eliminates germs, virus and mould
  • 6 months of cooler-filter lifetime
  • Extends to fit your helmet
  • Battery run time of 15h with the fan in regular mode; 7h with the fan in turbo mode and 3h with the fan in beast mode
  • 260gms when dry

Whats in the Regular Box
BLU3 E20 with Vent and Deflector, Chin Mount, Cartridge, Extender, Cable for charging.

Whats in the Global Edition
Everything above + 2 Chin mounts, 1 Cartridge, 1 vent and deflector, 1 modular extender.

*.Helmet not included

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