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BLU3 A10

Rs. 2,299.00
BLU3 A10

BLU3 A10

Rs. 2,299.00

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Technical Specifications:

  • Up to 15°C lower than ambient depending on conditions
  • Quick defogger
  • 3 fan speeds - Regular, Turbo and Beast with 2X speed of BluSnap2 in the beast mode
  • Integrates air deflector for tuning direction of air flow
  • Proprietary split-wing design for chin-mount to improve fitment across helmet shapes. Chin-mount attaches to helmet using a 3M VHB tape.
  • Lock mechanism to detach/attach cartridge
  • Integrates anti-bacterial cooler-filter that eliminates germs, virus and mould
  • 6 months of cooler-filter lifetime
  • Extends to fit your helmet
  • Battery run time of 15h with the fan in regular mode; 7h with the fan in turbo mode and 3h with the fan in beast mode
  • 260gms when dry

Whats in the Regular Box
BLU3 E20 with Vent and Deflector, Chin Mount, Cartridge, Extender, Cable for charging.

Whats in the Global Edition
Everything above + 2 Chin mounts, 1 Cartridge, 1 vent and deflector, 1 modular extender.

*.Helmet not included

      BLU3 A10 Focus Points

      Enjoy car-like comfort on your two-wheeler with BLU3 A10

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        Programmable Fan Control

        Choose from one of 3 settings (Regular/Turbo/Beast) for optimum comfort. Super-hot afternoon? No problem - Beast Mode ON!!

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        Revolutionary wearable cooling tech that flows air that's up to 15° C cooler than the ambient into your helmet

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        Enjoy a dust-free ride with wet-filtration tech that blocks dust particles from entering your helmet

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        Steady flow of air keeps your visor and glasses fog-free. The only solution in the world for defogging your glasses while riding!