Terms and Conditions


You pay Rs.199 and purchase our product The BLUARMOR Trial

It comes with the latest two finger Chin-mount and the BluSnap2 cooler. The chin mount is yours to keep and the cooler is yours to test.

Test It and experience it for 5 days. This should give you enough time to experience the cooling, fit on your helmet, judge the weight and put to rest all the doubts you may have had about the cooler. BLU3 A10 and BLU3 E20 have 2X the cooling performance of BluSnap2 – so, if you feel you need more cooling, we have an easy way for you to upgrade.

At the end of 5 days

1) If you are happy with the unit and would like to keep the unit, you can do so by paying us Rs. 600. So in effect you are getting a cooler worth Rs. 1299 at Rs.799 with a free chin-mount. You stand to get products worth Rs. 1700/- at just Rs. 799/-. You Win!

2) If you feel that you need improved cooling, then you can pay Rs. 2100 and get the BLU3 A10. Whats more you get to also keep the BluSnap2 and the chinmount. You stand to get products worth Rs. 4000/- at just Rs.2299/-. You Win!

3) If you feel that you would like to upgrade to the BLU3 E20, then you can pay Rs. 4800 and get the BLU3E20. What’s more, you get to also keep the BluSnap2 and the chinmount. You stand to get products worth Rs. 6700/- at just Rs. 4999/-. YOU WIN!

4) If you don’t like the cooler, just return it back to us (shipping borne by you). You get to keep the chin mount. Your total expense will still be less than the Rs. 399/- that our chin mount retails for.